How to prepare a file

We can accept pretty much any file you can throw at us but we prefer PDF, CDR, EPS or JPG!

Follow these basic guidelines to help make our life easier

SIZE Your design should be 86mm x 55mm.
IMAGES If you have any images, or you are supplying a JPG make sure the resolution is 300dpi or thereabouts.
FONTS Where possible convert your fonts to graphics. Indesign, Illustrator and PDF call this paths, whilst CorelDraw refers to them as curves. If you are supplying a JPG, TIF or GIF then you can ignore this part!
BLEED This sounds complicated but is really easy. If your card is 86mm x 55mm and you want to print to the edge of the card, then we need you to create a file 92mm x 61mm. We will then chop off 3mm from each end. Your design will now be printed to the edge. Got it? If you are designing online then you will be able to use our guides. Dead simple.
COLOURS Your monitor displays colours using red, green and blue light. Our inks print using cyan, magenta, yellow and black pigments. We cannot guarantee an exact colour match with your monitor (nobody can), but we will have a better chance if you design in CMYK. If we receive an RGB file we will convert it for you, but the colours will alter.

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