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Get creative in time for Christmas. 


Pupils draw their own Christmas cards which are made available to order online, and are then professionally produced. This project is a lot of fun and also raises funds for your school.


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We handle everything!


No taking orders or handling cash for you to worry about. We even post the orders directly to the customer. All you need to do is supply the drawings on our supplied paper.


1. Register today and we’ll send you a pack with everything you need.


2. Children design their own cards, either in class or at home. We will organise collection of the completed drawings..


3. The cards are made available to order from your school's own online shop. We'll supply letters for you to distribute to parents/guardians, informing them how to order. They can also design and order more cards and calendars from your shop.





Minimal time and effort required from school staff.


Payments taken online.


Orders will be posted directly to the customer.


At least 20% of net purchases go directly to the school.


No cost to you. We supply paper for the children to draw on, instructions for you, along with letters to distribute to the children letting parents/guardians know how to order.


Our site also allows parents to upload photos and create personalised calendars.


Using the online tools parents, teachers, leaders and other supporters can easily create their own professional cards increasing your market and fundraising opportunities.


All cards are fully editable by the customer. They can use any greeting they want and also add text and images to the card.


We are very aware of the need to protect vulnerable children. In compliance with the Information Commissioner's Office's (ICO) data protection guidelines, we can assure parents/guardians that their child's name will not be published on any public forum, online or offline. Only parents/guardians of participating schools are given details on how to access our Online Shops.


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