surfprint rewards

The best ideas are the simplest, and this is one of them.

All you do is use our designer (not the ‘Jump right in’ mode though, I’ll tell you why in a second) to create a card. It can be for any purpose whatsoever, it doesn’t have to be for your type of business.

When you save the new design we would like to offer it to other users who maybe aren’t as creative as you. They would find your design within the ‘Jump right in’ section of the site. Now you will understand why you have to create a design using the ‘Start from scratch’ templates. As a thanks for creating the design we will credit your surfprint account with 50p for every one saved.

At the moment we’ve not put a limit on how many 50p vouchers you can get. You can then use these vouchers to buy your own cards. You will still need to pay the p&p but it’s a great deal.

Now that you’ve saved your design for millions of other users to see you will need to add keywords. These are descriptive words that users will type in so that your card is displayed. If you have used an image from our catalogue then the keywords associated with that graphic will be copied to your design. You can add or delete to these keywords as you please. The more relevant keywords you enter then the bigger the chance that your design will be seen - and bought.

That gets us to the part that is really interesting.

When someone selects a design you have created, and then personalises it for themselves, perhaps even totally changes it out of all recognition, and buys the cards, we will give you £1 in cash via Paypal. Eventually what will happen is that all the popular designs will float-to-the-top so the more sales you make the more exposure your designs get, the more exposure you get then the more sales you are likely to make - get the idea?

Success breeds success.

To help you get the sales moving you can share your designs directly through surfprint onto Facebook and most other social media. Get your friends to then share the design around and you can get tens of thousands of people looking at your designs and clicking through to order. Obviously the more designs you have and the more social media posts you make, the more orders will come your way.

At some point we are also going to introduce a league table of top designers. I’m dead keen to see if my designs make it to the top or will you manage to get me relegated?

Have fun - I know I do.

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